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Moving to a new country is a sure fire way to get your heart rate and stress levels going through the roof, it's easy to forget to look after your self when embarking on a new adventure, especially when it involves moving to the other side of the world. We've made it our priority to give all applicants the opportunity to stay fit and healthy once in China. We've teamed up with some amazing organisations to give you the opportunity to meet new people, stay fit and also to let your hair down on the weekends at some of the best nightlife spots in your city. 

New teachers who arrive in Beijing and Shanghai can attend weekly workouts with FitFam, a free fitness community that offers everything from HIIT inspired workouts to yoga and running. We'll  help you register online once you're settled in and all you will have to do is show up with a smile ready to sweat and make new friends. 

What is FitFam?

'FitFam is a fitness community which operates in Beijing, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpa and Grenoble; we believe that fitness should be available to all, no matter who you are or where you are. We are students, interns, teachers, entrepreneurs, and high-level executives.

We are a community who holds each other accountable to show up and give your best, no matter what your level is. We are triathletes, cyclists, yogis, never-been- to-a- gym- before -newbies, college athletes, Spartans, marathon runners, dancers, and roommate- who-you- dragged-out- of-bed. We are your family, we are your friends, we are your motivators. 


Whether you can do 1 burpee, or 50, we’re going to cheer you on and make you work harder than you thought possible. Our workouts are about bringing people together, and living a healthy lifestyle. Many of our workouts are based on High-Intensity Interval Training/Body weight strength and conditioning philosophy which alternates between intense burst of activity using your own body weight and fixed periods of active rest.


Our workouts are accessible to everyone; no equipment, no previous experience required. We also offer yoga and various running sessions'.  Check out their website www.wefitfam.com

The whole fitness hype not really your thing? Or maybe you just want to hang out in cool places.. Don't worry, we've got you covered. We've worked closely with different cafe's, coffee shops, restaurants and bars to get you the best out of your city, you'll be added to various groups on social media and WeChat (China's social media bible) to get your discounts and offers for pretty much everywhere you'd want to go.

China is a crazy place and if you're from a country where English is the first language, you most definitely will be invited to a 'Westerners drink free' night at a club or to a 'Westerners eat free' at a new restaurant launch party. Yes, we are being serious.. it is completely normal in China and It's really good fun! You will meet troves of new people and experience a nightlife culture like you've never seen before.

The Fewer Things will host some events in different cities over your time in China, which will most likely involve a lot of music, games, drinks and food. All applicants will be invited and we encourage everyone to come to these events to catch up with new friends who are sharing similar experiences to you! 

We mentioned WeChat further up, for those who don't know what it is; WeChat is China's way of doing just about everything from one app. I mean everything in terms of chatting to friends, posting pictures, paying your bill in a restaurant or bar, using the metro, shopping online and even being able to pay your rent and utility bill's. It will be incorporated into your every day life and something you will rely on during your placement. We ask everyone to download WeChat once you've been accepted onto the programme and this is where you will be added to groups with other applicants to chat about your upcoming adventure and also help each other out with things like TEFL questions and finding out where the cheapest flights are from etc. It is also where we will give you a lot of the information when applying for Visa's and how to get signed into your TEFL account. Your new employer will most likely add you on WeChat too and you will do most of your communication with them through this app before your 

There are many other apps we recommend everyone to download to make your life easier:

  • DiDi (China's Uber)

  • Sherpa's (China's Deliveroo)

  • Metroman

  • Pleco (Chinese translation app)

  • Google Translate 

  • Bon App (Similar to Trip Advisor) 

  • SSports (stream all UK sports)

For those of you who do not already know, your favourite social media sites and apps are most likely blocked in China. You will need to download a VPN before you arrive to ensure access. We will give you some suggestions before you depart.

If you've enjoyed reading through our website and you're ready to take on a new challenge you can apply with us by hitting the button below.

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