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Terms & Conditions 

1. Introduction
1.1 The Fewer Things is a private limited company registered in England & Wales under company registration number 11300169. By using this website and signing up for our programs, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.


2. Program Participation
2.1 The Fewer Things offers programs worldwide in partnership with organizations in each respective country. Each program requires adherence to these terms and conditions. Employers in Asia  may have separate terms and conditions, which will be presented to you separately.

2.2 The Fewer Things guarantees comprehensive support, guidance, and a commitment to act in the best interest of the applicant throughout each program.


3. Eligibility and Interview Process
3.1 Each program offered by The Fewer Things is subject to eligibility based on nationality and qualifications.

3.2 You will be required to undergo an interview process conducted by a member of The Fewer Things team and a representative from the school/organization you are placed with.


4. Program Fees
4.1 Each program offered by The Fewer Things requires enrolment & programme fee to join which can be found on each web page.

4.2 Upon registration, an agreed-upon amount must be paid to secure your place, with the remaining balance to be paid in instalments before your departure.

4.3 Unless otherwise stated, the fees payable for programs do not cover any other associated costs, such as flights, insurance, accommodation, transport, food, medical expenses, or entertainment costs.

4.4 Some programs may offer reimbursements upon arrival, provided by the school/organization. Reimbursement details can be discussed during the interview process.

5. Information Accuracy
5.1 The Fewer Things makes every effort to keep the information on the website up to date.

5.2 Organizations and schools may occasionally change certain aspects of their offers, for which The Fewer Things cannot be held responsible.

5.3 It is your responsibility to review your offer letter/employment contract provided by your employer before signing. If any conflicting information is found on the website, please notify us immediately for corrections.

5.4 The Fewer Things acts as a support agency and does not possess the authority to make changes to an employment contract you sign.


6. Program Changes
6.1 Additional fees may be charged if you wish to change the program you originally enrolled in within 12 weeks of the intake date.


7. Refunds and Deferral
7.1 All program fees paid to The Fewer Things are non-refundable.

7.2 You are responsible for obtaining travel insurance to cover any eventualities, including the cancellation of our programs, travel restrictions, or changes in the global economy or political circumstances.

7.3 If you are unable to travel due to travel restrictions, you may defer your program placement to a later date without incurring additional costs.


8. Limitation of Liability
8.1 The Fewer Things accepts no liability for any losses sustained by program participants, including loss or damage to personal property, financial assets, injury or death, and cancellation or amendment of travel reservations.


9. Employment Relationship
9.1 The Fewer Things acts solely as a support agency facilitating program placements.

9.2 Upon acceptance into a program, you will enter into a legal contract with a company or school in Asia, where you will be employed as per the terms and conditions of that contract. Applicants are solely responsible for the agreement they sign with an employer and The Fewer Things can not intervene.

9.3 The Fewer Things is not your employer and does not have the authority to make changes within your employment contract.

9.4 As a support agency, The Fewer Things will assist you throughout the application and placement process, providing guidance and support as necessary.

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