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Our promise to you 

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Teachers in China

Ready for an amazingTEFL adventure in China?

Dive into a TEFL adventure with our award-winning China Graduate Program! This program is a launchpad for graduates of all ages. Whether you're taking a gap year to explore or stepping into the teaching world, we've got the fun, support, and safety to make your experience unforgettable. Join the ranks of hundreds of graduates who kickstart their China adventure with TFT every year!

Program Fee: £650
The Fewer Things Go Overseas Awards

What's included?

Placements are for 10 months in total. Starting in February & August every year. We work with well established schools all across China. No experience needed and full training provided.

Teachers in Shanghai, China


TFT prides itself on the support given to applicants. We take care of everything in order to give you a stress free route to China.

TEFL Teachers in China


You'll share the experience with a large group of like minded graduates from TFT heading out for the first time and join our community chat pre-departure.

TFT teachers in Shenzhen

120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course

TFTs fully accredited & internationally recognised Advanced TEFL Course worth £300 + TFTs Lesson Plan Library! Lifetime qualification.

TEFL Teachers in Vietnam

Travel Time

China boasts 5-6 weeks vacation time when working at a public school. The most travel time out of any other program.

Teacher in Temple of Heaven, Beijing


Paid teaching placement for 10 months within our extensive school network. All schools vetted and screened by our team.

Teacher in Hong Kong, China

Salary & Benefits

You'll be paid well. £1200 to £2000 every month plus free housing for the duration! Free flights as standard in all placements.

How our China program isdifferent to others

In our China program, the largest and most celebrated of its kind, you get to tailor your teaching adventure. Choose from bustling cities or authentic local communities, a flexibility unmatched in the industry. We partner with a variety of schools, ensuring a fit for every preference. Plus, you're always part of a supportive community of fellow teachers. This combination of personalized choice and unparalleled support truly sets our TEFL experience apart.

How It Works

Interested in teaching in China with us? Here's a quick checklist before starting your application:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree or higher in any field.

  • Be a native English speaker (see requirements on our Apply page).

  • Able to pass a criminal record check.

  • Be in good health.

  • Have enthusiasm and readiness for change.

Don't worry if you don't have a TEFL qualification yet; our program includes a highly accredited and internationally recognised qualification.

The process kicks off with a casual interview by phone to understand your goals. Post-interview and application process, you'll start preparing for your exciting move to China!

Program Fee

Go Overseas Award, The Fewer Things
Go Overseas Award, The Fewer Things
Go Overseas Award, The Fewer Things

Our Teach English in China experience is £650 which can be paid in two instalments, the first payment being to secure your place on the programme and start your TEFL Course. Here's a reminder of what you get:

  • 120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course

  • Orientation and teacher training

  • 24/7 support throughout the whole process and once in China

  • Assistance with criminal record check, visa process and authentication of documents

  • A guaranteed paid placement teaching English in China with an approved school

  • Assistance with bank and sim card set up

  • TFTs Lesson Plan Library

  • The Fewer Things Survival Guide to China

  • Private group chat with all applicants

Keep reading below for more information on 'Other Financials', 'Friends & Couples', 'Accommodation' & 'Cost of Living'

Already have a TEFL?

Teacher with students in Beijing

Please tell us if you are already qualified, we can fast track your application and the support fee will be considerably lower. If you're an experienced and already qualified teacher we can connect you with some higher salary positions.  For your TEFL certificate to be accepted by employers in China it must be for a minimum of 120 hours and the certificate must not read the words 'online' anywhere.

Shanghai Placements

Teacher in Shanghai, The Bund

For Shanghai applicants, please note that schools offer a higher salary instead of free accommodation. You can negotiate housing costs with estate agents, often lower than in the UK. Expect to pay about 2500-3500 RMB for shared housing or 4000-5000 RMB for a private place. Initially, you'll stay in a hotel provided by your school for a week while searching for accommodation, with the assistance of a coordinator. This option includes great benefits like a semester bonus, free health insurance, a transportation allowance, and free Mandarin classes.

Other financials

Teacher in winter break, China

When joining the program, factor in costs like your work visa, criminal record check, document authentication, flights, insurance, and potentially a medical certificate.

Shanghai placements total to about £2500-2700, mainly due to initial rent cost needed, while other placements average around £2000.

Good news: all placements offer flight reimbursements, and some schools may cover visa and document fees too.

The 4 to 6 month pre-departure process allows ample time to save and spread out these expenses.

Friends & Couples

Teachers in China

Embark on an amazing adventure to China with your partner or friends! When applying, let us know if you're part of a group or a couple.We'll arrange for you to be placed together in the same school or city, so you can start this exciting journey side by side. Make sure to send your applications together, and we'll set up a group call to plan your new TEFL adventure. 

Winter Break in China

Teacher in China
Teachers in Shenzhen, China
Teachers in Vietnam
Shanghai Disneyland
Teacher in Laos
Teachers in China
Teacher in China
Teacher in China
Teacher Kim taking the scenic route! 🇨?
Teacher in Shanghai
✅ Teacher @nemscutler enjoying a trip to
🔥 Our teacher Kim out enjoying her wint

Get ready for an adventure in China! As part of your teaching journey, you'll enjoy several holidays to explore Asia. The highlight? A winter vacation starting in January, a perk all our teachers relish. This break typically lasts 4 weeks but can extend to 6 in some cities, a unique benefit in the TEFL world. As your vacation approaches, we'll share tips and suggestions for must-visit destinations.

Plus, we'll guide you on snagging the best flight deals, ensuring you make the most of your time and money. Imagine the places you'll see and the experiences you'll have! 

Cost of Living

The cost of living in China is considerably lower than what you would expect in your home country. Here is a quick run down of what to expect:

  • Average Living Cost - 4000 RMB per month (£450 / $580)

  • Average Accommodation Cost - FREE with The Fewer Things*

  • Potential savings per month - Minimum 4000 RMB

*The Shanghai placements do not offer free accommodation due to a much higher salary being provided.

City View
I have had a great experience working as an ESL teacher in China through TFT. The support from the program made the application and transition very comfortable; communication was clear throughout with regular phone calls and easy access to relevant information.

Torin, UK


Awards & Recognitions

For 4 years running TFT has picked up the award of top teach abroad provider on Go Overseas! With special recognitions to fun, support & safety of our programs.

Read hundreds of reviews about TFT below.

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