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TFT Celebrates 4 Years of Success

Updated: May 14

In an industry where excellence and quality education stand at the forefront, The Fewer Things (TFT) and its innovative offshoot, TEFL Nomad, have not only participated but triumphed again. This year, at the esteemed Go Overseas Community Choice Awards, our efforts and dedication to providing superior TEFL courses and teach abroad experiences were recognized and celebrated.

TEFL Nomad's Stellar Debut

Just twelve months post-launch, TEFL Nomad has emerged as a beacon of excellence, clinching three first-place awards. These accolades reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering a comprehensive TEFL education, designed to equip aspiring educators with the knowledge and skills essential for success in international classrooms. The recognition from such a prestigious platform underscores the quality and impact of our courses, making this achievement all the more rewarding.

Awards given to The Fewer Things & TEFL Nomad
TFT & TEFL Nomad's awards granted by Go Overseas

The Fewer Things: Excellence in Teach Abroad Programs

Not to be overshadowed, The Fewer Things has also been lauded for the exceptional safety of its programs aimed at those seeking to teach abroad. Our award in this category highlighted the effectiveness of our approach in preparing educators for rewarding careers overseas, particularly in Asia. This success is a testament to our innovative methodologies and the supportive community we've built, which together, create transformative experiences for our participants. This marks the fourth year in a row TFT has picked up awards for being one of the top teach abroad providers in the industry!

A Unified Vision of Quality and Innovation

The synergy between TEFL Nomad and The Fewer Things is at the heart of our success. Owned and operated under the TFT umbrella, TEFL Nomad benefits from a shared vision of excellence, leveraging our expertise to offer high-quality accredited TEFL courses. This collaborative approach ensures that our students receive unparalleled education and support, setting them on a path to achieve their teaching aspirations.

Looking Forward

As we celebrate these accomplishments, our focus remains on the future. We're committed to continuing our pursuit of excellence, innovating our courses, and expanding our teach abroad opportunities. Our goal is not just to maintain the high standards we've set but to elevate them, ensuring that TEFL Nomad and The Fewer Things remain at the forefront of TEFL education and international teaching opportunities.

For those inspired to embark on their own teaching journey, we invite you to explore what makes our award-winning programs the choice of aspiring educators worldwide. Together, let's make your dream of teaching abroad a reality.


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