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Teach English in Vietnam or Cambodia

4 Week In-class TESOL Course, Paid Placement, Orientation and 24/7 Support!
Courses every month from August 2022

- Programme fee £1,600 - 

If you're reading this, then it probably means you are a soon-to-be graduate or someone who has had enough of the 9-5 lifestyle. Our 4 week TESOL experience is the perfect way to get your travelling and teaching career off the ground! The 4 week course is held in one of 3 locations: in Vietnam we have two courses running in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh! In Cambodia the course runs in the wonderful Phnom Penh. During this hands-on, full-time course you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to go straight into a teaching job once you are qualified.  You will receive guidance and career support during your stay and we guarantee a teaching placement at the end of the 4 weeks.

Non-degree holders welcome!

What's Included?

  • 4 week 120 hour In-class TESOL qualification 

  • 4 weeks private accommodation included

  • Pre and post departure visa guidance 

  • Guaranteed job teaching English in Vietnam or Cambodia

  • Welcome dinner & sightseeing

  • Sim card and bank account set up assistance

Our team in Vietnam and Cambodia will be with you from the start of your application process all the way to booking the best flight.

The teaching is exciting, engaging and leaves you wondering why you didn't apply sooner, you will be placed in a well established modern-day school with a class size of around 25 whilst teaching 25-35 hours per week with lesson planning. We cater the experience as close to your needs as possible, so let us know if you are looking to boost your teaching experience, add to your CV or just looking to tick off as many things on your bucket list as possible.

By working together we ensure all teachers have a smooth transition moving into their new city and school. You could be teaching abroad quicker than you think! No teaching experience or degree needed. 

How It Works

If this sounds like something you're interested in, there's a few things we need to know before we can start the process:

  • Where are you from? We can accept applicants from all corners of the world!

  • Have you got a strong grasp of the English language? 

  • Are you able to a pass a criminal record check? 

  • Are you in good health?

  • Are you enthusiastic, outgoing and ready to make a change? 

The application process starts after a chat with a member of The Fewer Things team, this will be carried out by either phone or Skype. This is to find out about you and where you want to teach! We want to ensure everyone who applies gets exactly what they're looking for, so honesty is the best policy in this laid back interview.

The courses are very popular so we operate on a first come first serve basis.

The total course fee information is below.

Enrolment & Course Fee's

The full price of this course is £1,600. This gives you a 4-week long, fully accredited TESOL training certificate in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Phnom Penh and accommodation for the duration of the course.

The first instalment of £600 is due after a an initial interview with some from our team and official acceptance onto the programme. The remaining amount can be paid off over time in the run up to your move!
Please check the live conversion rate if this is different to your local currency
here, which changes daily.

What's included again?

  • 4 week 120 hour In-class TESOL qualification 

  • 4 weeks free private accommodation

  • Pre and post departure visa guidance 

  • Sightseeing and welcome party 

  • Guaranteed job teaching English in Vietnam or Cambodia

  • Sim card and bank account set up assistance

Guaranteed Job


Everyone who is successful in completing the course is offered a guaranteed teaching placement at a local school. You will of course be able to have a preference for the type of teaching role you would like. The typical monthly salary throughout Vietnam and Cambodia is between $1000 and $1500 (£800-£1200). This is a great amount of money compared to the cost of living in both countries. You will be able to dine out, party and save some cash on the side for your travels! Initial contracts are usually around 6-10 months in length and you are able to negotiate different aspects of the contract with the help from our team in your city. If you'd prefer to have some time to travel around before starting your placement, it is of course ok to do so! You can keep in touch with our team in Vietnam or Cambodia and contact them when you are ready to start working.


Stop 🛑 what you are doing, and head to

Your accommodation is covered through out the course and is included in the course fee! In each city you can expect to stay in either of these places: a local hotel, a local guest house or a residential property owned by our partners. You can of course have a preference of which type of accommodation you stay in, but it will be subject to availability. Many applicants often sign up with a partner/friend, if this is the case for you, you can request to stay together in a property. Partnering up may also reduce your final course fee! Like anywhere in Asia the accommodation is basic and clean with Wifi and air-conditioning, we have attached a link so you can see the standard of place you'll be living in for the 4 weeks. Click here

Other financials

a group of people posing for a photo in front of a monument

Other financial aspects applicants need to take into account are things like: Initial spending money, flight cost, vaccinations, travel insurance and initial rental money if you decide to stay out there after your course. We estimate you'll need  around £1300-1500 for all mentioned above not including your course fee. Remember, the courses run month to month so you can choose which course to book, this will allow you to work out your savings and budget in the run up to the move.

Friends & Couples

Our gal @emilyaspinall on her summer hol

What better way to come on a crazy adventure to Asia than signing up with your other half or group of friends, please let us know when applying if you are part of a group or couple. We can place you together on the same course and you can start your new adventure together!


Vietnam truly offers something for everyone. From picturesque sun-soaked beaches and mountains to hyperactive cities and characterful rural towns. Getting around is easy and affordable, as flights connect the most popular spots, while buses and trains link the rest. However, the motorbike is king here, and those willing to jump on two wheels will be spoiled for choice of where to go and what to see. One of the most notable experiences to do in Vietnam is the Ho Chi Minh Trail which is a network of roads built from North to South Vietnam through the neighbouring countries of Laos and Cambodia, this is the perfect chance to explore this wonderful place. As you explore the country, you’ll also be treated to some of the most delicious and diverse cuisine around. Northern, central and southern Vietnam are each home to their own distinct food traditions, and even certain cities within these regions have their own local specialities.


Cambodia is a vast land with a history both challenging and inspiring. The first time you lay your eyes on Angkor Wat will be something that stays with you for a life time. You will experience a new sense of empathy when exploring the countries dark past, from its all too recent genocide at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. The Cambodian spirit is irrepressible and visitors will find welcoming smiles wherever they roam. You will get to explore some wondrous places that nowhere else on the planet has, such as the Mondulkiri Project which is an elephant sanctuary protecting forests and indigenous livelihood. If you head to the southern coastline you'll be able to explore some amazing islands; Koh Rong Sanloem is our number one destination you have to visit! Where the sand is white and the water is aquamarine. For those of you wishing to let your hair down and experience a true party island; head to the wonderful Koh Rong, which has become Cambodia’s go-to spot for travellers looking to experience a Full Moon party!


We pride our selves on our reviews here at The Fewer Things and are proud to show them off! Hit the link below to check out the reviews from some of our applicants over the years on Go Overseas!

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