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Teach English in South Korea

In-class or Online TESOL/TEFL Course, Guaranteed Job, Orientation and 24/7 Support!

January, April, July, September Start Dates for in-class
Start anytime with our South Korea Graduate Programme

- Programme Fee £2300 -

Welcome graduates!

Our Teach English in South Korea Programme is truly a once in a lifetime experience! South Korea is one of the most lucrative locations to teach English abroad and can be the start of an amazing professional career path. Join our 4 week TESOL course in Incheon, just 30 minutes from the capital Seoul! Accommodation and orientation is provided during the course and teaching placement!

We also have our South Korea Graduate Programme, which would mean doing your course online before you go - the cost of which is also cheaper.

What's Included

  • Fully accredited TESOL qualification

  • 4 weeks TESOL course - In South Korea 

  • 4 weeks accommodation included during course

  • Guaranteed job teaching English in South Korea with free accommodation!

  • End of contract completion bonus of £1400

  • Pre and post departure visa guidance 

  • Orientation week

  • Airport pick-up/arrival assistance 

The Fewer Things will be with you from the start of your application process all the way to booking the best flight. The 4 week in-class course starts with a cultural orientation week provided by our team in South Korea! You will visit the famous Grand Palace, cook Korean food, take part in a Taekwondo class and take a tour of a war museum! 

The teaching is exciting, engaging and fully immerses you in Korean culture. You will be placed in a well established modern-day school with a class size of around 30-40 with around 15-20 hours teaching per week plus additional lesson planning hours. We cater the experience as close to your needs as possible, so let us know if you are looking to boost your teaching experience, add to your CV or just looking to tick off as many things on your bucket list as possible. As well as your accommodation being provided for you, your school will also offer you a re-settlement allowance and reimburse your flight cost! All placements are for a minimum of one school year: 10-11 months.

You can choose from public or private schools, which we can discuss in further detail during your interview. Private schools only with the in-class option - If you'd like to join a public school programme you would complete our online course & placement option as it the process for public school is quite lengthy. 


Have a look below at the package and how to apply.

How It Works

If this sounds like something you're interested in, there's a few things we need to know before we can start the application process:

  • Do you have a bachelor's degree or higher (in any discipline)?

  • Are you a native English speaker?

  • Are you in good health?

  • Are you ready to travel?

  • Are you enthusiastic, outgoing and ready to make a change? 

If the answer to all of the above is yes, then you can start your adventure in South Korea with us! 

The application process starts after a short video-call interview with a member of The Fewer Things team. This is to get to know you and to find out why you want to teach in South Korea! If you are successful in passing the interview we will start the process with our partners in South Korea and get you ready to start your new adventure.

From here on in you will be preparing for your move!

Orientation Week

Pictures below

Our orientation week offers a unique cultural immersion experience and is put in place to get you ready for your new life in South Korea! 

This is included with both in-class and online course options.

  • Learn about Korean culture, history, politics, language, religion and more

  • Get to know your fellow teachers

  • Participate in cultural excursions including:

  • Traditional Korean cooking classes with our guest chef Hero.

  • Visit the beautiful Grand Palace and dress in traditional Korean clothing

  • Participating in Taekwondo class

  • Visit the a war museum and learn about the history between North and South

Cost of Living

South Korea's salary is very generous and your accommodation is included during your placement. You will be able to save a great amount of money and enjoy the finer things in life, whilst saving for your travels or future plans! 

  • Average Salary - 2.0 - 2.5 Million KRW per month (£1300 / $1700+)

  • Average Living Cost - 1.0 - 1.5 Million KRW per month (£650 / $800)

  • Average Accommodation Cost - Free with your placement through TFT

Enrolment & Course Fees

Please read the following information carefully.

The Fewer Things asks all successful applicants to pay an enrolment and course fee of £2300 (in-class) or £1500 (online) which can be paid in instalments, first payment being £700 to secure your place on the programme and to start the placement process as well as unlocking all of the pre-departure information and guidance. The remaining amount can be paid overtime in your run up to moving to South Korea. Please check the live conversion rate if this is different to your local currency here, which changes daily.

What's Included again?

  • Fully accredited TESOL qualification

  • 4 weeks TESOL/TEFL course - In South Korea

  • 4 weeks accommodation included during course

  • Guaranteed job teaching English in South Korea with free accommodation

  • Pre and post departure visa guidance 

  • End of contract completion bonus of £1400

  • Orientation week included with both options

  • Airport pick-up/arrival assistance 


We work on a first come first serve basis for this programme and spaces are limited due the popularity of the programme, we recommend to not dwell on the idea of applying too long and book your video-chat interview with us as soon as possible.

Read more about the alternative Graduate Programme

Guaranteed Job

South Korea Hanbok and Palace 11.jpg

We will work on your placement during the course and get you off to a flying start. You will of course be able to have a preference for the type of teaching role you would like. The typical monthly salary throughout South Korea is around £1300. This is a great amount of money compared to the cost of living in which you can refer to above. You will be able to dine out, party and save some cash on the side for your travels! Initial contracts are usually for one year. You will teach around 25 hours per week with additional office hours included. You can choose from primary, middle or high school! Your accommodation is covered during your placement and details of this will be provided during the placement process.


sk august- war memorial (3).JPG

Your accommodation is covered through out the in-class course and once you start your placement! During the course you can expect to stay in either of these places: a local hotel, a local guest house or a residential property owned by our partners. You can of course have a preference of which type of accommodation you stay in, but it will be subject to availability. Many applicants often sign up with a partner/friend, if this is the case for you, you can request to stay together. Like anywhere in Asia the accommodation is basic and clean with Wifi and air-conditioning.

Other Financials


Other than the course fee, you have to take in to account other factors such as: plane tickets, travel insurance and living expenses until your first pay check. We recommend taking two months living expenses with you minimum. Please see above for the cost of living. We recommend to take around £700 with you on the 4 week course which factors in nights out/general outings and an additional £600 for your first month before your first pay check. We strongly recommend that you bring no less than £1300. If you have not obtained an E2 Visa before your arrival in South Korea, you will have to do a visa run at some point after the course; this would be at your own cost and would come to around £500 (this factors in travel, food and visa cost).

In-class Programme - full cost for everything, approx: £4500

Graduate Programme - full cost for everything, approx: £3300

Remember, you will recoup a lot of this money from your school. They will offer you a re-settlement allowance and reimburse your flight cost!

Graduate Programme - Online Course

South Korea English Camp 51.jpg

We understand that a 4 week in-class course isn't right for everyone, so we've designed the exact same course in an online version, it is very interactive and you will get to meet the other teachers during the course and have access to private tutors to get the most out of your learning. 

You will receive all of the same support and even get to take part in our Orientation Week where you will meet all of the other teachers who have signed up. The programme fee of this option is £1450. We are happy to advise you on what we think would be most suited to you during your interview. Overall the experience of both options are very rewarding and are both great starting points for your move abroad. 

There is an end of contract completion bonus of around £1400 for all of our applicants and many like to think of this bonus as paying back your initial investment into the programme. 


We pride our selves on our reviews here at The Fewer Things and are proud to show them off! Hit the link below to check out the reviews from some of our applicants over the years on Go Overseas!

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