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Welcome graduates!

Our Teach English in China Programme is our most popular course! 
Placements typically start with our Beijing Summer Camp which takes place during the last two weeks of August, then you will start with your school in September. We want you to be earning enough to save, travel and spend money as you please whilst here, so all of our placements offer a great salary ranging from 8000 to 15,000 RMB per month. It is worth noting this amount of cash in China is a huge deal: you can live comfortably, eat out whenever you want, travel and save a bit on the side. 

Average working hours for part-time are between 10-25 hours and full-time between 25-40 hours. Office hours and over-time are sometimes required and you will be paid generously if that is the case. Free accommodation is supplied during the 10 months!

Here's the best part, you will get a paid winter vacation in January for around four weeks, you will have the chance to travel where ever you want, flights to countries nearby are very cheap and only a short distance away. As well as your winter vacay you will benefit from all the Chinese public holidays too. If you cant wait until September, drop us an email as we offer an all year round start date. All Applicants will be given the choice of the following cities to teach in: Shanghai, Beijing, 
Guangzhou, Foshan, Jinan.


Our team will be with you from the start of your application process all the way down to booking the best flight. We ourselves used to be teachers in China. We want you to have access to this way of life through a much easier path than we had.

The teaching is exciting, engaging and leaves you wondering why you didn't apply sooner, you will be placed in a well established modern-day school with a light work load. We cater the experience as close to your needs as possible, so let us know if you are looking to boost your teaching experience, add to your CV or looking to tick off as many things on your bucket list as possible.


Choosing to apply through The Fewer Things means you join our community of teachers who receive personal support and guidance through-out the application process and during their placement. We have carefully put together 'The Fewer Things Survival Guide to China', which all applicants will receive before their departure.

The teaching is a small aspect compared to the experiences you will meet on your way to a better life.  

Have a look below at the package and how to apply.


If this sounds like something you're interested in, there's a few things we need to know before we can start the application process:

  • Do you have a bachelor's degree or higher (in any discipline)

  • Do you have a TEFL certificate or equivalent?      Don't worry if you haven't, keep reading!

  • Are you able to a pass a criminal record check? 

  • Are you in good health?

  • Are you enthusiastic, outgoing and ready to make a change? 

All of the above are essential to your application, if you have a TEFL qualification, great! However, if you do not have one, don't panic. As part of our 'Teach English in China' programme you will complete an online TEFL course before you depart. For anyone in their last year of university and feeling a bit overwhelmed with the potential work load, the course is short and simple, It will take you no more than one week to complete.

The application process starts after a short interview with a member of The Fewer Things team, this will be carried out by either phone or Skype. This is to get to know you and why you want to teach in China! We want to ensure everyone who applies gets exactly what they're looking for, so honesty is the best policy in this laid back interview.

If all goes well and you are accepted onto the programme, we will then start a more detailed application to start the placement process. Following this, you will be invited to a Skype interview(s) with your potential future employer. We help you every step of the way, offering tips and advice when needed.

From here on in you will be preparing for your move to China! 


All 'Teach English in China' applicants will benefit from a two week Beijing Summer Camp at the end of August, this will allow you to practice your teaching skills on Chinese students and receive tips and guidance from experienced teachers. The camp also includes a three day classroom based TEFL programme which you will complete to get your official certificate.

The Camp includes a trip to historic landmarks such as The Great Wall, Forbidden City and The Temple of Heaven. A great start to ticking off your bucket list!

We think this is one of the best parts of the experience as you get to meet all of the other applicants who will be embarking on the same adventure you are and make some travelling buddies along the way!

Please read the following information carefully.

The Fewer Things asks all successful 'Teach English in China' applicants to pay a support-fee of £425 which can be paid in two instalments, first payment being £225 to secure your place on the programme and to start the placement process. The remaining £200 is required when the application period has closed. 

What's included?

  • Pre-departure online TEFL course along with a three day classroom based course in Beijing

  • Two week Beijing Summer Camp with accommodation and food supplied

  • Organised trip to historical landmarks in Beijing

  • Full guidance and support through out the whole process and once in China

  • Assistance with criminal record check, visa process and authentication of documents

  • A guaranteed paid placement teaching English in China with a CEAIE approved school

  • The Fewer Things Survival Guide to China

  • Private group chat with all applicants 

Please note: The TEFL course and Beijing Summer Camp only comes with this package if you are applying for our September start date, the February start date would mean the TEFL course would have to be sourced and funded by your self. The support fee will of course be reduced in this case.

Other financial aspects have to be taken in to account when accepting your offer onto the programme such as initial visa, criminal record check, document authentication, flight and insurance costs along with spending money and a potential medical from your local doctor which states you are fit and well to work in China (depending on city you choose). We estimate the average total spend to be around £1500-1900, in order to keep costs down we work with STA Travel to ensure you can get the best deals on your flights and insurance. You will be reimbursed for your flight and in most cases your school will reimburse your visa cost. The application process over all will take around 6 months or longer depending on when you apply, so there is plenty of time to save and the cost will be spread out over a long period.

Full-time Applicants
To all of our full time applicants please be aware that the free accommodation does not come with this package as the salary is considerably higher. This means the initial financial aspect for you is somewhat higher as you will have to pay for rent, since in China it is custom that you pay a deposit and one/two months rent up front. You are able to negotiate with different estate agents and possibly get them to agree to reducing the initial upfront cost. Typical housing cost in China is lower than in the UK so you will be looking around 2500-3500 RMB for a house share or 4000-5000 RMB for a place of your own. Full time applicants will stay in a hotel provided by their school for around one week while they look for accommodation, you will be assigned a coordinator who will help you look for your new place. The Fewer Things is also able to lend a hand here and provide you with alternative contacts who will help get you settled. Full time applicants receive some excellent benefits: Semester bonus, free health insurance, transportation allowance and free mandarin classes.

Already have a TEFL?
Please tell us, we can fast track your application and the support fee will be considerably lower. If you're an experienced and already qualified teacher we can connect you with some higher salary positions. Please note; if you do already have a TEFL and are looking to come out to China as soon as possible, you may not get to take part in our Beijing Summer Camp, but you will receive an induction week from your school/university. Applicants can also benefit from getting part or full reimbursement for their TEFL course. For your TEFL certificate to be accepted by employers in China it must be for a minimum of 120 hours and the certificate must not read the words 'online' anywhere

Friends and Couples
What better way to come on a crazy adventure to China than signing up with your other half or group of friends, please let us know when applying if you are part of a group or couple.

If you've enjoyed reading through our website and you're ready to take on a new challenge you can apply with us by hitting the button below.

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