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China Graduate Programme

Welcome, team!
You will find everything you need to know for your journey to China here!

Please note this page may be updated regularly with any policy, entry or covid testing changes - we will inform you of any updates via WeChat/Email

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General Intro

This section will run through the things you will be completing over coming months. Please read all of the information very carefully and any concerns or questions please let us know. There is a lot of content here, don't feel like you need to learn it all and remember each step, use this page as a reference for when the time comes to complete each task - We will be keeping you on track as we go.

Please also get into the habit of sending any questions in the group chat, that way if others have the same question, we can answer it for everyone. All PDF's are attached under the bullet points.

  • Timeline of Events - This PDF will run you through what will happen each month, the dates are always pretty set, but things might differ slightly and as you all know, delays are expected this year with China. Work Permit and PU Letter information now included in this document - please re-read.

  • 120 Hour TEFL - The instructions for this would have been sent to you personally when signing up for the programme or early January.

  • Placement Pref Form - Here

  • WeChat - Our group chat will take place on this application and it is something you will use every single day in China. It can often be quite difficult to sign up and we will cover this with you personally if facing problems. Please add WeChat ID: jaemilennon - when you have signed up successfully.

  • Confirmation of placement - this will take place from mid-April to Early-May. In some cases it could take a little longer than that, it just depends on the specifics with the school. You will be invited to a short interview or meet and greet style call with the school before signing contracts - this is a great opportunity to learn more about your new school!

  • Contracts - All contracts are directly between you and your employer. We do ask that you read the contract thoroughly and you can also let us know if you have any questions about it.

TFT Timeline of Events (China 2022)
Download PDF • 160KB

Document Authentication

??? Document Authentication, Document Legalisation, OR Document Notarisation ???

There are so many different terms for this process and whatever you read online will likely give you a bunch of different legal jargon and usually requires you to mail your documents to multiple organisations to get the correct stamps/apostles. To make this process as smooth and as simple as possible for all of you - this process will require working with one of our legal partners below.

Three documents will go through this process:

  • Degree Certificate - Final years - please see PDF below

  • TEFL Certificate - Important info underlined below

  • Criminal Record Check - PDF attached below

UK Applicants - Please find attached the documents below which will introduce the specific process and our partners in London (China Visa Direct) and the team at TFT and CVD will take care of the full process for you.

US Applicants - Our friends at Teaching Nomad will take care of the full process for you. In the US specifically there are many different policies with authentication depending on the jurisdiction you are in and from the experience of past applicants it is much easier to have it taken care of for you. You can contact TN here and go through the process from them without having to worry about doing any of the work yourself - - click the 'Get Started' button and when asked about the referral source, select 'Other' then write 'The Fewer Things' this will fast track your application.

Canadian and Australian Applicants - We will discuss this with you individually as the process is also quite complicated. It will be better to see what option is best for you depending on the city/region you are in. The process can often change or be quite different for you depending on a few different factors.

TEFL Course for Australian, Canadian & US applicants:

If you did your TEFL course with TFT - this document will go through the authentication process in the U.K. and then sent over to you in the US. An email will be sent to you directly closer to the time with instructions. Your other two documents (Degree/Criminal Check) will still go through the same process in your home country.

If you already had a TEFL prior to signing up:

If you'd done a TEFL course already that is not with TFT, please check where the institute is based - the document must be authenticated in the country it originates from. Applicants have been stung in the past when they have found out their TEFL course was registered somewhere like Thailand and have had to do another one.

Doc Authorisation Intro (UK)
Download DOCX • 39KB

CVD Order Form (UK) - Degree,Criminal,Tefl
Download DOCX • 15KB

Download PDF • 742KB

Criminal & Final Years Degree
Download PDF • 463KB

Once the authentication process is complete - you will scan the documents over to your school in China and they will then start the process for the work permit application. The work permit usually takes 3-4 weeks, then the application for the PU Letter can take place which is really difficult to put a time on - could be anywhere from 3-9+ weeks.

Visa Process

When you have both your work permit and PU Letter - You are now ready to apply for your Z-Visa in your home country! You can do this quite easily through the Chinese Embassy visa website. We have put together a guide for you to follow below. Please take extra care when filling this out and your signature should match the one on your passport exactly otherwise it will be rejected.

This guide is currently only for UK, CA & AU applicants.

US Applicants

The Chinese online platform for you has been taken down by the Chinese Embassy (we have no idea why), you must now do everything via email with the Embassy that is closest to you. I have attached the link directly from the US/China Embassy website for you to check the email addresses. You must submit your work permit, PU letter, passport to them and request to apply for a Z-Visa. (Click here) They will then send you additional forms to fill out. We hope by the time it comes to it, the official website would have been put back in place.

TFT Visa Guide - 2022 excluding US
Download PDF • 26.58MB

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must for all of you, there are no exceptions.

Every year applicants get themselves into all sort of issues medically, whether it be a mild illness, sports accidents or being hospitalised. When things like this happen, you need to be covered. Hospital bills can run into the thousands (especially if it is a serious incident).

"Doesn't my school cover me?" It is true, in most of your contracts you will see you have "health insurance", but in China, this is such a grey area. If something serious did happen to you, you'd likely have to pay first and claim back later (which could take months) and it just is not what you want to be dealing with in China. The school's insurance also won't cover you for accidents/illnesses during travelling time. So, if you are off on a great adventure around China or Asia, you won't be covered for even the most basic of things.

UK Applicants We have a long standing relationship with one of the only 'long stay' insurance companies in the U.K. - they cover China specifically and will also cover you anywhere else you will go (during winter break etc) Contact Brian at Coe Connections: 07837 524144 or email: Tell him you are part of the TFT China Programme and he will look after you. Heads up, it is not cheap, mainly because of Covid premiums for China, and because not many UK companies will insure people going to China right now. There are cheaper options out there but they may not cover as much. You should still do your own research and make a decision you are comfortable with. Please make sure you tell them you are going to China for 10+ months first before purchasing anything.

All other Applicants -US, CA, AU You won't find it difficult to find insurance, as there are thousands and thousands of insurance companies in the States, Canada and Australia. Far too many for us to pick just one and recommend it to you. You are advised to really do some research on this, shop around, check out reviews and articles for different companies and what they can offer. We would advise to start that research as soon as you read this to get things in motion. If you need us to check anything over for you, please let us know.

Main things to look for with insurance cover?

- Medical expenses (£/$5-10million is usually standard)

- Cancellation/Curtailment (Cover in case of cancelled flight, border closures etc)

- Repatriation (For serious incidents which would require you to head home for treatment) - Personal belongings cover (not hugely important, but worth checking if included)

TFT Survival Guide to China

Here is everything you need to know (or at least the majority) about moving and living in China. This will help you in the beginning of your journey out in China and will hopefully give you a decent insight in how to overcome some tricky obstacles!

It is a fun read and is just a reference point for you if you ever need it.

We are very excited about welcoming you all and can't wait to follow your journey.

TFT - China Survival Guide
Download PDF • 33.19MB

The world that awaits you