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3 years and going strong!

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Life in China… Where do I start? I’ve been living and teaching in Shanghai for almost 3 years and I still learn something new every day. Each challenge I’ve faced has taught me so many different skills that will continue to help me for years to come. Taking the leap to move across the world was the most nerve-racking yet rewarding decision I’ve ever made.

My plan was to move here and teach for a year, and after 3 I still can’t see myself living anywhere but Shanghai. It’s a city full of character and there’s something different around every corner. Sure, there have been nights I couldn’t sleep because there’s construction in my building at 3am. I’ve come home from a trip to find my electricity shut off because I forgot to pay the bill and they can’t turn it back on until the next day.

But, you’ll soon realise that all these things will make you look back and say to yourself with a laugh, “Oh, Shanghai…” It’s all part of the quirky charm. Whatever your interests – fitness, photography, night life or food, to name a few – you can find something for you here. Teaching here has given me so many opportunities I’ve never had with any other job. A long winter and summer vacation is the perfect chance to travel all over Asia and beyond in addition to learning about China. Being fully immersed in a culture every day is truly the best way to discover it.

Written for The Fewer Things by Courtney Finamore - Check out Courtney's adventure on her Instagram page @courtney_fin


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