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Travelling is the single most important thing you will do in your life.  Stop thinking and start doing. 

You are expected to start the graduate hustle as soon as you finish university in order to climb to the top. But, what does that even mean anymore?

You work for the weekends. Friday is the answer to your corporate prayers, and Sunday blues are your worst enemy.  You count down the days each week, just for the weekend to pass you by so quickly. Each week, flying by and before you know it the month is over.

Being trapped in air conditioned offices, forgetting what cold crisp air feels like on your walk home, or even worse… Pretending like you actually enjoy your grad scheme. You’re working late into the night capturing sunsets through your phone, and watching your 20’s escape you.

Life is too short to be counting down the days until the weekend. Whilst here you will have the opportunity to earn good money and travel around Asia with ease.  It’s time for you to take back control of your life and be who you want to be. 

Once you are in China, you will get a number of holidays which will allow you to travel around Asia. The most notable one is the winter vacation at the start of January which all teachers benefit from. This break is usually around 4 weeks but could stretch to 6 depending on which city you are based in. When the time is near, we will give you tips and advice on which countries and places we think you should check out. We will point you in the right direction when booking flights to make sure you get the most out of your money.

That is not all the travelling time you have! Most contracts are from September to June, meaning you are out of contract for July and August, which will be a great opportunity to travel some more and even go home to see your loved ones. It is standard in China to offer flight reimbursements to teachers once your contract is complete, so you will have plenty of cash to get back home or set off on a new adventure. 

Above is our Instagram feed, which showcases teaching and travelling pictures from teachers in China. Feel free to check it out and head to our 'Life in China' page to see what people are saying about living and working in the Middle Kingdom. 

We are proud partners with STA Travel, all of our successful applicants will gain access to discounted flights from the UK to China.

Travelling the world and living in a different country is a great adventure. But, we need to make sure everyone is well looked after. Not all insurance companies are completely honest about what they cover you for and often people find out they are not covered for even the simplest of things. STA's insurance package is one the best around and they will offer you a generous discount, although applicants do not need to take insurance or even book their flights with STA, it is highly advised to have a chat with someone from their team, to see what they can offer you.

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It's time to Meet The World! Here at The Fewer Things we aim to provide all applicants with the best travel experiences, now that we've got your flights covered it is time to get your accommodation sorted, we've partnered with Hostelworld to show you some of the best places to stay around Asia and beyond.


When the time comes to start planning your trips during your winter and summer breaks, you can hit the link below and start searching for the best places to stay. 

Click Here to start planning your adventure!

As always, we want all applicants to be safe before, during and after their travels. As stated in The Fewer Things Survival Guide make sure you check reviews and comments by other travellers before booking anything, as well as checking the location of the hostel/hotel you are staying in to make sure it is within reasonable distance of where you want to go. 

Always write down your accommodations address on paper and tell your family and friends your travel route. 

If you've enjoyed reading through our website and you're ready to take on a new challenge you can apply with us by hitting the button below.

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