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Teach English in Myanmar

TEFL Course, Paid Graduate Job, 24/7 Support, and 1 Week Orientation!

April, June & September fly outs

- Programme Fee £1,120 - 

Welcome graduates!

Our Teach English in Myanmar Programme is the perfect opportunity for first time TEFL teachers & travellers to experience a truly unique culture and be fully encompassed in the amazing Asian culture Myanmar has to offer.

Myanmar is a country in South East Asia that is bordered by India, Bangladesh, China, Laos & Thailand, creating a unique blend of cultures and religions found nowhere else in South East Asia! 

Keep reading to find out what's included.

What's Included

  • Fully accredited 120 Hour Online TEFL Course - completed before you arrive in Thailand

  • 24/7 support from your coordinator before & after arrival

  • Assistance with criminal record check, visa process and document prep work

  • Short 6 month teaching contracts with the opportunity to extend

  • Teaching placement in a vetted school

  • First months rent included as part of programme fee

  • Airport pick-up and accommodation assistance

  • Cultural orientation week and related excursions

  • Private group chat with all applicants

Your decision to work and teach in Myanmar will have an enormous impact on the lives of the people and the future of the country. Teachers typically earn from £600 - 900 per month which is a great amount to live from compared to the cost of living.

Placements are typically away from big city life and designed to give you a more authentic Thai experience (Central, North and Northeastern placements). All of our placements have a social aspect and you can expect to work/live with other teachers. There are local bars, restaurants, clubs and gyms in all of the locations.  We work with English curriculum providers and schools directly in Thailand to ensure applicants have a safe, smooth transition into life there.


Our team will be with you from the start of your application process all the way down to booking the best flight. We've got your back in any scenario and will be able to offer valuable advice and guidance when needed.

The teaching is exciting, engaging and leaves you wondering why you didn't apply sooner, you will be placed in a well established school. We cater the experience as close to your needs as possible, so let us know if you are looking to boost your teaching experience, add to your CV or looking to tick off as many things on your bucket list as possible. 


Have a look below at the package and how to apply.

How It Works

If this sounds like something you're interested in, there's a few things we need to know before we can start the application process:

  • Do you have a bachelor's degree or higher (in any discipline) 

  • Are you able to a pass a criminal record check? 

  • Are you in good health?

  • Are you enthusiastic, outgoing and ready to make a change? 

  • Are you a Native English speaker?

The application process starts after a short interview with a member of The Fewer Things team, this will be carried out by either phone or Skype. This is to get to know you and why you want to teach in Thailand! We want to ensure everyone who applies gets exactly what they're looking for, so honesty is the best policy in this laid back interview.

From here on in you will be preparing for your move to Thailand! 

Enrolment & Programme Fee's

Please read the following information carefully.

The Fewer Things asks all successful 'Teach English in Thailand' applicants to pay a support-fee of £600 which can be paid in two instalments, first payment being £300 to secure your place on the programme and to start the placement process. The remaining £300 is required when the application period has closed and you are due to start your online TEFL Course.
Please check the live conversion rate if this is different to your local currency
here​, which changes daily.


  • Fully accredited 120 Hour Online TEFL Course - completed before you arrive in Thailand

  • 24/7 support from your coordinator before and after arrival in Thailand

  • Assistance with criminal record check, visa process and degree authentication

  • 5 month teaching placement in a vetted public school

  • Visa, Thai sim card and bus transportation to placement cost reimbursed

  • 31,000 TBH+ per month and 3,000 TBH housing allowance per month

  • Private group chat with all applicants

You can earn a little bit more per month if you are the holder of a Bachelors Degree in Education, Masters or PGCE.
Be sure to let us know in the interview! 

Keep reading below for more information on 'Other Financials', 'Friends & Couples' and 'Accommodation'

What's Included again?

Already have a TEFL?


Please tell us if you are an already qualified TEFL teacher, we can fast track your application and the programme fee will be considerably lower. If you're an experienced or already qualified teacher you could expect to earn more money too. 



You will receive a housing allowance each month and in most cases this is enough to cover your housing cost fully. We'll help you get set up with a place once in Thailand and you may even find yourself living with some of the other teachers you meet during orientation or once in the group chats! 

Typically the accommodation is very basic, but a good standard for Thailand and Asia in general. You will be required to put down a deposit of around £70 which will be paid back to you when moving out. You will also need to pay for some utilities such as electricity which is very cheap at around £15-20 per month.

Other financials


Other financial aspects have to be taken in to account when accepting your offer onto the programme such as: visa cost, criminal record check, degree authentication, flight and insurance costs along with spending money and initial rent deposit. We estimate the average total spend to be around £1800-2200. The application process over all will take around 6 months or longer depending on when you apply, so there is plenty of time to save and the cost will be spread out over a long period. 

Please note: During Covid times, there are often some changes in policies or restrictions in Thailand, which could mean you have to pay extra costs for Covid tests etc. It is best to over estimate your savings. We will of course be keeping you updated in good time.

Friends & Couples


What better way to come on a crazy adventure to Thailand than signing up with your other half or group of friends, please let us know when applying if you are part of a group or couple. We can place you together in the same school/city and you can start your new adventure together!


Larger groups are also welcome to apply, but please note you may have split up into smaller groups for placements, as quite often schools in Thailand do not find it desirable to hire a group of friends together.

Why Thailand?

Out of all the countries to choose from, why choose Thailand?

  • Good salaries and a significantly low cost of living

  • A great introduction to teaching abroad

  • Heaps of travelling time during the school and public holidays!

  • Escape from typical 9 til' 5 life

Thailand has a lot to offer for everyone! Paired together with The Fewer Things team you will hit the ground running and be able to fully immerse your self in Thai culture whilst progressing in your teaching career and gaining invaluable experience 

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We pride our selves on our reviews here at The Fewer Things and are proud to show them off! Hit the link below to check out the reviews from some of our applicants over the years on Go Overseas!

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