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If like many people, you are not ready to pack up your things and head to the other side of the world to start your teaching career, fear not! 

We are here to help you achieve a new way of living and truly take control of your life. Online teaching is a very lucrative business, in fact it is one the biggest growing sectors in the world! On this page we'll tell you how to get set up and teaching within a short period of time. You can earn £10-25 per hour with the teaching company we will recommend. 

If you fall under the following categories, this is why you need to start your online teaching career:

- Unemployed graduate

- Stay at home parent 

- Existing teacher looking to make a side income

- Looking to travel the world while earning 

- Could not think of anything worse than a 9 til 5

The Company

'DaDa' is an online education company based in China. They have employed over 10 thousand English teachers to teach Chinese ESL students on their online platform from all over the world.

Their mission is to provide a teaching experience that inspires children to unlock their full potential in life.

The teaching is a lot of fun and can give you real job satisfaction knowing you are helping young learners and teens improve their English language skills, the classes are 30 minutes in length and all of the teaching material is prepared for you (no lesson planning!). In the beginning you will receive trial classes, with students who have never used the platform before and these trial classes will last around 15 minutes, they are a really good way to get you used to teaching on the platform. You also get a bonus if the student decides to take regular classes.

The hours
The hours, which are the best part! Are between 6 and 9pm (Beijing Time) meaning that you can start your work day at around 10am and be finished for 1pm. During the weekends there is an opportunity for you to teach more by simply logging on and booking the slots you'd like to teach in. If you teach on average around 20 hours per week you will be earning upwards of £1000! This can give you some real freedom in your life and can free you up for the more important things. If you'd like to teach more, it does take a month or so to build up your schedule and get the ball rolling, like all good things, it takes time. 

As the name suggests, online teaching can be done anywhere that you have a steady internet connection, you don't need to be tied down to a particular location. You are able to go wherever you please, whether that be from the comfort of your own home or whilst travelling around the world. 


Always working

You never have to worry about getting enough hours with Dada, they will always make sure you have a full schedule.


You are your own boss, work at your own convenience and choose your own hours. Take time for the finer things life.


Full training and development support is provided during your time at DaDa with the opportunity to progress.


Take your work with you! Life is all about adventure and exploring, don't take time off work and postpone the fun.

There are of course, like any other jobs, requirements that you must meet:
- Bachelors degree (in any discipline) 

- Native English speaker

- TEFL/TESOL qualification - A quick look on Groupon and you will find a very cheap option

- Be able to commit to a 6 or 12 month contract

- Up to date DBS Check, you can now apply for this online

Application Process
Hit the button linked below to start your fast tracked application process, once on the webpage you have to enter your standard information, then choose your level of education and experience from some multiple choice boxes. Within 24 hours you will hear back from someone on the recruitment team to organise an interview. You will directed to a calendar and simply pick your slot. The interview is an online session, where you will be asked questions by the recruiter and then you will be asked to give a 10 minute mock class, with the courseware provided by DaDa. Your recruiter will pretend to be a kid for the class (that's right), all you have to do is be energetic and go through the slides provided, we recommend using some props to ask questions about (fruit, toys, teddy bear etc).

We recommend heading to YouTube before you interview, there are tons of sample videos which show you exactly what is expected of you during the mock class. Overall, it is a very easy process, but they don't just accept anyone, make sure you give it your all in the mock class, even if it does feel a bit weird teaching a grown adult acting like a 7 year old kid. Use lots of hand gestures and speak clearly! Give the student lots of praise and encouragement. SMILE! 

After the interview, you will hear back within two days, they will send over a contract and you can pick your working hours! Before you can start teaching you have to go through a training course (2-3 hours) and it shows you how to find your way around the DaDa Portal and all the features you can use in the classes. It is very useful, especially to those who may have not taught before, we recommend watching as many of the videos as you can, they are all useful and give you tips on stuff that you might not have thought about. 

Drop us an email if you have any questions before applying and receive our Teach Online package that will give you interview tips and a full plan to becoming an online teacher. 

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