Our Hong Kong Graduate Programme is perfect for graduates looking to explore Asia, without feeling a million miles away from home. Hong Kong offers an exciting mix of Western and Asian cultures, which allows you to live the best of both worlds.

The Opportunity

The programme is hosted by our partner education organisation in Hong Kong who offer contracts between 9 and 12 months long, depending on which school you are placed in during your time there. Typical starting dates would be with the school year in September, however there will be a two week orientation prior to this, where you will be introduced to Hong Kong life, along with teaching standards and it will be your opportunity to soak in information from experienced teachers who are currently living there now. The salary you will receive is between $20,000 to $23,000 HK Dollars (£2000 to £2300 per month, which we have ensured is enough to help you settle in, dine out when ever you want and also save a little on the side for the holidays. The cost of living in Hong Kong is significantly more than that of Mainland China, so all of the openings are for full-time employment. If you'd like the luxury of working less hours please head to our Teach English in China page. 

The teaching is exciting, engaging and leaves you wondering why you didn't apply sooner, you will be placed in a well established modern-day public school with other like-minded teachers. There are regular teacher socials and outings which are in place so you can embrace the fascinating local culture and meet new friends along the way.

Induction & Training

Extensive support and training is always provided for teachers looking to master their trade. Workshops are provided on a regular basis during your placement, which are led by a professional in-house trainer. The workshops are centred around classroom management skills and Hong Kong's educational landscape, which we believe are a great importance to new teachers development. Complemented by other useful topics, such as effective lesson planning and adapting lessons for diverse learners. The training also covers interview coaching and career guidance. The opportunity to progress in Hong Kong is forever increases and there are opportunities around every corner (literally). 

Housing Consultation

Hong Kong accommodation can be pricey and often hard to find exactly what you're looking for. You will benefit from a housing consultation which will provide you with trusted housing agents to help you find suitable housing at reasonable rates. You'll always have help from colleagues and staff to help you pick the right location, so you have a comfortable commute to your new school! You can expect to pay anywhere between $5000-8000 HK Dollars (£500 to £800) for a room in a shared apartment and $9000+ (£900+) for a studio apartment of your own. Please note you will need to have one months rent and one months deposit when you sign up for your accommodation. 


The holidays, oh the holidays! You will benefit from the same perks as any teacher and have all of the school holidays free to travel where you please. You still get to enjoy some of the holidays you are used to at home to with time off for Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter! You will be in the heart of Asia and travel is very cheap to neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and many more. Check out our Travel page to see where you could get be jetting off to! 

Eligibility & Requirements 

We welcome applications from individuals who are attracted to escaping the dull 9 til' 5 life and push the boundaries of living and working in a different country.

A successful applicant should be:
• A native speaker of English
• Passionate about educating children and youth
• A holder of a university degree (in any subject) 
• In possession of a teaching-related qualification (e.g. CELTA, TEFL/ TESOL Certificate or PGCE/ PGDE in English)

• A 1 year commitment is required for those looking for visa sponsorship 

In some cases if an applicant does not hold a passport from a native-english speaking country, but has studied and obtained a degree in such countries, we may be able to process your application. Please note this is subject to further screening from the Hong Kong Immigration Department 

Unlike our Teach English in China Programme we do not offer a direct TEFL qualification with this programme. Please email us if you would like to access the offer. Please be aware that If you have a TEFL qualification, it must be a minimum of 120 hours, anything else will not be accepted. We sell a 120 Hour TEFL Course HERE

Why Hong Kong?

A former British colony that’s now a prosperous, dynamic Chinese autonomous territory, Hong Kong is a place where east and west meet to create a truly unique culture. There’s also a superb array of attractions, from towering skyscrapers and street bazaars to beaches and verdant parklands.


The night life and dining scenes are on another level to anything you will be used. Hong Kong is home to the worlds cheapest Michelin-Starred restaurants and boasts the most restaurants in Asia. There is a huge expat social community in Hong Kong which gives the bars and clubs an added spark, you can meet people from all over the world in some of the best spots in Asia. Head to Lan Kwai Fong to experience this first hand! 


Hong Kong’s street-art scene is booming, with colourful murals testifying to the city’s creative verve. Many famed international street artists have left their mark on Hong Kong, with the most Instagram-worthy graffiti spots including the Shing Wong Street mural of two koi fish by Danish artist Christian Storm, a tribute to Bruce Lee on Tank Lane by South Korean artist Xeva, and the fully painted Man Fung Building by Madrid-based street artist Okuda San Miguel. Continue your street-art tour at Mong Kok’s Hall of Fame or at Art Lane in San Wai. Head to our Instagram page to check out some of the awesome art scenes Hong Kong and China have to offer @thefewerthings


You're about to embark on a life changing adventure, so naturally there are some costs that you will need to take into account before you make your decision:

• TEFL Course (if needed) 

• One way ticket to Hong Kong

• Insurance

• Visa cost (approx £20)

• Accommodation - deposit and first months rent 

• Initial spending money 

Usually applicants apply around six months in advance, so there is plenty of time to save up for the various costs involved with your move! The accommodation cost is the main initial expense to be aware of, everything else is of a reasonable price. Remember, at no point will The Fewer Things or our Hong Kong partner ask for any money from you. Overall, we estimate the total amount of money you will need is between £2500 - £3000 for everything mentioned above. 

Application Process

We try and keep these things simple. Send us your CV, a personal statement and whatever else you think might benefit your application (you can be as creative as you like). If we like what we see, we will contact you within two working days and progress you to the next stages of the application.

- Please make sure you add in that you are applying for the Hong Kong Graduate Programme

- Attach a selfie to your CV

- Your personal statement should be around 400-500 words and mention why you'd be a great teacher! 

The next steps in the application process will be a Skype interview with our partners in Hong Kong, this is your opportunity to find out more about the different roles and locations you could be teaching in as well as any questions you have in general about the opportunity. You'll also need to impress your interviewer, so make sure you're well prepared and have lots of questions. We will give you some tips and advice on how best to prepare for this interview. If all goes well you will be offered a placement and start preparing for your move!

Places for this type of opportunity are always limited, don't put applying off until another day. You got this.

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