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Sign up for Early-Bird-Access to our Japan Graduate Programme

We are very excited to launch this new programme! It has been a long time coming to TFT and now is the right time to officially launch our offer in this amazing country! The first start date is April 2023 and you must be officially signed up before August this year.

As a public school teacher in Japan your job title will be an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher). You will be working alongside an experienced local teacher which is perfect for new teachers to learn on the job throughout your 12 months in Japan! 

What to expect

  • 140 Hour TEFL Course

  • 40 Hour Japanese Culture Course

  • Teacher training and induction in Japan

  • £1400 starting salary per month for new teachers

  • 24/7 Support pre and post departure

  • Group chat with other applicants


  • Native English speaker

  • Degree holder (bachelors in any discipline) 

  • Drivers Licence*

  • Clean criminal record

  • In great health

*It is common in the Japan public school system to drive to school - you will be set up with a car when there which will be partly funded by the school. This is a very unique experience and gives you the freedom to really get out there and explore Japan during your free time!


We will have positions in local Eikaiwa schools (langauge centres) for later start dates in 2023, which won't require a drivers licence.


Sign up for early access here!

Thanks for your interest!
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